Welcome to Hobby Chemicals

We are the UK's #1 supplier for hobby chemicals. We have on offer a wide range of lab chemicals, hobby chemicals and hobby supplies, including model rocket supplies. UK and worldwide delivery.


How can I place an order?

We've been having a few issues with the checkout system recently, so decided to process all orders manually.

   Due DueDueDTo place your order, please do the following:

1.) Decide on the chemicals/products and quantity you would like to purchase.

2.) Add the product(s) to the shopping cart.

3.) Screenshot (Cntrl+PrntScrn) or copy and paste your order into an email to [email protected]

4.) Add to the email your name, address (including postcode and country).

5.) I will then reply to your email within 24hrs (usually much sooner), and I will let you know how to pay for the order.